When you walk into our school the first thing you’ll notice, after the teepee, is the large open learning spaces, the purpose-built furniture, the easy flow between rooms and best of all the way the children are interacting with each other and their surroundings. The  learning spaces have been intentionally designed for the children to make the most of their learning opportunities. They are flexible, open, modern, practical and more importantly a reflection of the real world. There are no desks in rows, chalk boards on walls or teachers standing in front of classes. The teachers play an active role as guides, mentors and experts working with the children. At The Anglican School Googong, the children discover for themselves and make meaning of the world around them every single day.

The Environment

The classroom building has been designed to be a free flowing space where the furniture is portable, allowing it to be manipulated into caves and corners, platforms or stages to emulate the learning that is occurring. There are outdoor learning areas where children can create, watch or participate in hands-on activities regardless of the weather. The Kitchen Garden opens up a vast array of opportunities for learning and innovation, inviting the very youngest of our children through to the oldest to be thinking scientifically and mathematically. There are windows everywhere, looking out to the world so the children get a sense that they are part of something bigger than just their school, they are global citizens.

Empowered Learners

As the children make meaning for themselves they will begin to understand how they learn and through this they will become more confident learners. Through wide reading, purposeful play, self-discovery, connections with community members, trips to places of interest, and the relationships with teachers we are creating a sense of purpose for our learning. It is not isolated, rather integrated and relevant. In addition to this the children learn in real time and will interact with the latest technology and have access to view and create on digital platforms.

The Anglican School Googong is a place where children know and discover, understand and dream and grow in faith.