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Our annual awards are a very special part of the year. Throughout the year our students have earned many Merit Certificates for the specific effort that they have put into their learning. These merits are hard earned and when a student has received 5 merits they get to have a special morning tea with the Principal. The really special part is getting to choose the cake that the Principal bakes for them.

At the end of the year, we recognise the achievement of our students with our annual awards. These awards recognise the specific attributes of learning and being part of our community that we value the most.

Each award is aligned with our core aspirations of: know and discover; understand and dream; and grow in faith. All awards are named in honour of prominent Australians and recognise their contributions to our society. The student awards are:

  • Douglas Mawson Award for Knowledge and Exploration
  • Connor McLeod Award for Great Ideas
  • Fiona Wood Award for Creativity and Innovation
  • Shane Gould Award for Sporting Achievement
  • Richard Tognetti Award for the Performing Arts
  • Elizabeth Kenny Award for Christian Character and Service

This year saw the introduction of a new staff award, the Ian Hewitt Award for Googong Learning. This award is presented to the staff member who has demonstrated servant leadership, enthusiasm and creativity in the classroom to bring to life the school’s core aspirations. In doing so, they have created an authentic learning environment which has challenged and engaged the students in their learning.

Ian was the Foundation Principal of The Anglican School Googong and is leaving our school at the end of this year. He believed that the three core aspirations of ‘know and discover, understand and dream, and grow in faith’ were the essential components required to ensure our students were equipped for life beyond school. He was instrumental in bringing this vision to life but also recognised that it required exceptional teachers to put this vision into practice for our students.

The inaugural recipient of the Ian Hewitt Award for Googong Learning was Portia Bellew.

Congratulations to all of our 2017 award recipients, you have each shone in these areas which are most important us.