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Archaeologist for a Day

By August 5, 2016School Updates

Our Year 1 class spent the day on an archaeology dig in an area just south of our school near Montgomery Creek. We joined a team of archaeologists who are undertaking a study of a few sites to discover some of the earlier history of the Googong area.

As part of our Inquiry Learning, Year 1 has started looking at materials and their properties, what they’re used for and how they’re made: both natural and man-made. To further enhance our study into this we were ‘archaeologists for a day’ so we could use a new set of skills to understand who was here before us and what materials they used.

We learnt how to use our maths, science and art skills to dig our pits with the archaeologists and discover who may have been here from what they left behind. From just this small patch of land we could tell you a whole story from what we found. There were old saucepan handles, nails, iron and stones from a fireplace and even some old slate pencils in one of the pits.

From this selection of artefacts we learnt so much about what may have been here, perhaps even a small school with children our own age. What games did they play and what did they learn? What will archaeologists discover about us in 100 years?