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Authentic Assessment for Authentic Learning

By November 24, 2016School Updates

Our Principal, Ian Hewitt and Junior School Teaching and Learning Coordinator, Claire Dalziel recently presented at the AIS ACT Celebrating Teaching and Learning event in Canberra. This event showcased many of the unique teaching and learning projects and programs which have occurred in AIS ACT member schools in 2016. The title of their presentation was Authentic Assessment for Authentic Learning. This provided all attendees with a snapshot of our approach to assess and provide feedback to our students and their families using our ‘learner profile’.

At our school, the teachers say to their students that we’re looking forward to getting you stuck and then helping them, as learners, to work out how to get ‘unstuck’. We are a school like no other in this region where:

  • Learning how to learn is essential
  • Where there are no bells and we have long learning sessions
  • Learning is in our vocabulary
  • We can say ‘learning in action, learning for real’
  • We can say ‘Googong learning, learning for life’

With authentic learning at the heart of our school, we use our learner profile to assist each student in their journey as learners. This approach, after just 2 years of the school opening, has received tremendous support and some fantastic comments from our peers.

Comments such as:

  • People need to hear this presentation
  • Inspiring and innovative
  • I love the language of learning and the use of this with the students
  • Social and emotional learning is great for ‘future’ students