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Learning at Play

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Our students have eagerly watched and begun to enjoy the new backyard play space in the Junior School. The aim of this space is to foster imagination and creativity through play. Loose parts play is a type of play that supports invention, divergent thinking, problem solving and offers a sense of wonder to children. There are materials that can be moved, carried, combined, redesigned, lined up, and taken apart and put back together in multiple ways. There are materials with no specific set of directions that can be used alone or combined with other materials. Albert Einstein told us that “Play is the highest form of research” and this is our desire for the children, to learn through play. When using the Backyard, the children must ask themselves a series of questions: 1. Do I feel safe? 2. Am I actually safe? 3. Are other around me safe? It is a pure joy to watch and listen to our students play so freely.

Further reading on play can be found at:

Beautiful Work

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The notion of beautiful work is central to project based learning and requires skill, dedication and perseverance. The vision for Googong’s first Year 7 student project was to combine the different skills and elements of the various curriculums with an appreciation of the local environment and the ability to exemplify the core notion of beautiful work. Classified Tails is the culmination of an in-depth study of Googong fauna, through which the students developed a interest in the welfare of the native fauna with the impact of the development of the Googong Township. The project brings to the ‘new’ Googong, an understanding of the ‘old’ Googong, the importance of heritage and the important interactions between the environment and the community. Through a process of drafting and re-drafting until the product reached a level of excellence, the students demonstrated beautiful work, and a publication which met a borad range of curriculum outcomes from Science, Geography, Music, English, Art, Technology and History.
For our community, this project provides an insight into the ‘other’ residents in our neighbourhood and places value on their existence. For the environment, it shows that we place importance on conservation. For the School community, it shows that we are both concerned for and interested in the local context, history and heritage. For our students, it shows that we value authentic learning and see benefit in framing learning in a relevant context. Our students have applied considerable effort in realising this project, and their hard work has resulted in a tangible resource which embodies rich learning experiences and beautiful work where elements of the curriculum, the local environment and their context are linked. It has also become evident to the students that education is the key to changing our world.
The students had much fun in this learning process, in which they have spent time at Googong Dam, time outside the classroom in the natural environment, time working independently and interdependently, time creating, time refining and all the while, building their own capacity as learners. The project required each student to choose an animal of interest to them, research the animal, study the animal in its native bushland, imagine life as that animal here in Googong, design a lino print and create a soundscape. Through the production process our Year 7 students have built an understanding of their impact and place in the local environment and in the world. The students should be immensely proud of this published work, which presents their exploration into the Googong fauna, from all angles of the curriculum.

Deep Learning

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As I reflect on the learning taking place at Googong, there are many occasions where I see evidence of deep learning, where through the process of experiencing and reflecting, imaginations are captured, and a student’s thinking shifts from the familiar to a new understanding. Making sense of the new, reflecting on the old, wondering about other possibilities, asking questions, looking from different angles, experimenting through trial and error, learning from mistakes and linking ideas are all contributors to deep learning experiences. It is the richness of experiential learning that provides a solid foundation for education and that which will continue to promote deep thinking, powerful learning and life-long skills for all our students.

In a recent article on experiential learning, my interest was piqued by the discussion on the elements which promote deep learning. For deep learning to occur a once familiar, concrete concept is challenged by a problem or scenario outside their usual experience or understanding. This process stimulates new thought, inquiry, reflection and questioning. From their work over the span of thirty years in the field of experiential learning, Alice and David Kolb advocate for learning which requires students to “grapple with conflicts and contradictions and resolve them through collaboration”. These are the learning experiences which spark independent thought processes. The notion of grappling, collaborating and reflecting are dispositions promoted by Guy Claxton in his Building Learning Power framework. Grappling with conflicts, noticing, making links, being absorbed and collaborating are skills we are seeking to grow in our students daily, and that which I see so clearly through the many learning experiences in our school each day.

2015 – Primary School Teaching Positions

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Construction of Stage 1 of the School is well underway with the first students (ELC – Year 2) to commence at the school in 2015.

At the Anglican School Googong we are creating a rich and invigorating learning environment for learners of all ages with the latest in learning technologies and state-of-the-art facilities preparing children for their place as tomorrow’s global citizens.

This will include:

  • interactive computer panels in classrooms and shared learning spaces
  • tablet computers and online access to resources for students and parents
  • flexible and expansive learning spaces throughout the School including outdoor learning areas

If you are a teacher who can deliver this in the classroom we would welcome your application for the following positions.

  • Classroom teachers – full-time and part-time positions
  • Indonesian teacher – part-time position
  • Music/Performing Arts teacher – part-time position

For full deatils please visit:

Applications close 5.00pm Monday 11 August.

TASG & Anglicare to open Early Learning Centre

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The Anglican School Googong is pleased to announce their partnership with Anglicare to open an Early Learning Centre (ELC) in the Queanbeyan/Jerrabomberra region in 2015.

The ELC will open in January 2015 and has already received a number of applications.

Foundation Principal of The Anglican School Googong, Ian Hewitt, says the partnership will allow both organisations to actively support children to make a smooth transition from one learning environment to another.

“We hope to provide a fun and safe learning environment for all children who attend,” said Ian. “For the first time families in the local area will have the option to send their children to one school from Pre-School right through to Year 12. We hope to engage children with our learning philosophies at the start of their education journey.”

Anglicare Children’s Services Manager, Sue Jennings, says the ELC will add to Anglicare’s well-established services. Anglicare is well known for their commitment to early childhood services.

“Working with the Anglican School at Googong gives us the opportunity to provide the community with a flexible model of early childhood education where families have a choice of preschool hours to suit their lifestyle.”

Queanbeyan Mayor Tim Overall was present at the announcement and wishes the best for the venture.

For more information about applying for placements at The Anglican School Googong including the ELC please visit:

Image Source: The Queanbeyan Age –

Building Progress at The Anglican School Googong

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The building progress of our beautiful school is continuing to gather a pleasing momentum. The footprint of the first stage of school is starting to take shape amongst its surroundings.

The Early Learning Centre’s concrete slab is now poured and setting.

The K-3 classroom block footings are nearing their completion. The design for the school has many eco-features and this block has an innovative underground labyrinth system. This enables the building to be cooled passively overnight creating a naturally comfortable environment for students.

Over the coming weeks we will see the buildings emerge from the site with steelwork, bricks and walls next on the agenda. These works will begin establishing the school’s shape into the Googong landscape.

We are amazed to see the roads and the township beginning to appear around the school with Gorman Drive now being built along the School’s northern boundary.

The Queanbeyan Starting School Expo is another opportunity to meet our Principal Ian Hewitt. He will answer your questions and help with enrolments. The event will be held at the Bicentennial Hall, Crawford st Queanbeyn, 24th of May 10am-12pm.

ELC Gorman Drive ELC-towards-Googong-houses ELC-towards-K-3 ELC-towards-Rosa-St

TASG Sod Turning

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The weather may have been gloomy but the news certainly was not at the Official Sod Turning for The Anglican School Googong.

Mayor of Queanbeyan Tim Overall, Member for Monaro John Barilaro, Bishop Stuart Robinson of the Anglican Dioceses of Canberra Goulburn, Graham Willard (Chair of The Anglican School Googong Board), Ian Hewitt (Foundation Principal of The Anglican School Googong), Caroline Whitelum (CIC Australia), Michael Nolan (CIC Australia) and Tyronne Bell (Elder from the Ngunawal People) were all present to mark the commencement of construction for the first school in the new township of Googong.

The announcement of the Preschool – Year 12 School has been welcomed by residents of Queanbeyan, Jerrabomberra and surrounding areas, with many expressions of interest coming in.

The Anglican School Googong offers students and their families the latest in educational facilities, learning technologies and nearby access to state-of-the-art resources, such as a pool and tennis courts.

We are currently offering placements from Pre-school to Year 2 in 2015. To find out more about enrolments, please visit:


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