Students at The Anglican School Googong are encouraged to be involved in a wide range of co-curricular, community and sporting activities. Engagement in such activities enriches the learning opportunities for students as they encounter educational experiences beyond the classroom. A co-curricular program also provides students with the opportunity to work alongside a different peer group and connect with other significant adults. Being involved in co-curricular activities has a great impact on student well-being and is a known protective factor for students who struggle with some aspects of school life.

This broad range of activities teaches and encourages students to encounter service, team-work, commitment, fair-play, learn new skills, challenge themselves, win humbly, lose graciously and develop confidence as they experience what could become life-long interests. The program also assists students to learn about the different dynamics of relationships as they learn to relate to others across our school community in a variety of settings.

Every student in the school is encouraged to play a season of sport for a local club which involves training and competition, participate in school camps, consider other outdoor activities that will be offered by the school and explore other community group opportunities. Students are also encouraged to participate in school co- curricular activities such as music, drama, dance, chess, gardening, cooking and social sport.