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Empowered Learners

By June 15, 2017School Updates

With our senior school facilities taking shape there is also a great deal of unseen work taking place in the background to prepare the learning that our students will be engaged with. For our senior school students, much of their learning will be centred around project-based learning.

As the students make meaning for themselves they understand how they learn and through this, they will become more confident learners. Through wide project based learning, self- discovery, connections with community members, trips to places of interest, and the relationships with teachers we are creating a sense of purpose for our learning. In creating successful learners we use Professor Guy Claxton’s approach which he calls Building Learning Power. He defines the 4 Rs of Learning Power as:

  • Resilience – being ready, willing and able to lock onto learning
  • Resourcefulness – being ready, willing and able to learn in different ways
  • Reflectiveness – being ready, willing and able to become more strategic about learning
  • Reciprocity – being ready, willing and able to learn alone and with others

Learning is not isolated, rather it is integrated and relevant to the world in which our students live. In addition to this, the students learn in real time and interact with the latest technology and have access to view and create on digital platforms.

The Anglican School Googong is a place where children know and discover, understand and dream, and grow in faith.

For some insight into project based learning and building learning power in schools, have a look at these UK schools who are leading the way in these areas:

PBL and Arts: Empowering Students to Craft Beautiful Work
See how School 21 brings cross-curricular, arts-infused project-based learning into every classroom.

XP School – Learning Expeditions
XP is a mainstream 11-19 secondary school in Doncaster, UK. This short film is about how our school came about, what it is all about, how we do things and why.

Landau Forte College – building learning power in action
This Learning at Landau video aims to provide an insight into the unique learning environment and what makes learning at a Landau Forte academy different.