Application Fee  $200
Per Student
Payable when the Registration for Enrolment is lodged. The Application Fee (which is non-refundable and inclusive of GST) is payable directly to the School. This fee assists in covering administrative costs while names are on the registration list. 
Enrolment Fee $800
Per Student
Payable when an Offer of Enrolment has been made by the Principal. The School’s receipt of the signed ‘Enrolment Contract’ together with the payment of the Enrolment Fee, constitutes the acceptance of the enrolment offered. If the offered and accepted place is subsequently not taken up the Enrolment Fee will not be refunded.

ELC Fees – 2019

All ELC and School Age Program fees have government rebates available.

Group Per day (before government rebates)
3 and 4 year olds (7.30am – 6.00pm) $118
School Age Programs
Before school care (7.30am – 8.00am) $10 per morning
After school care (3.20pm – 6.00pm)
Vacation care (7.30am – 6.00pm)
$33 per afternoon
$85 per day

School Fees – 2020

Year Group(s) Term Fees (x4 yearly) Annual Fees
Kindergarten to Year 2$1,867.50$7,470
Year 3 and 4$2,007.50$8,030
Year 5 and 6$2,162.50$8,650
Year 7 and 8 $2,317.50$9,270
Year 9 and 10 $2,427.50$9,710

The 2021 school fees will be set in late November 2020.

Future Years

Our all-inclusive school fees will step up at each stage of schooling. That is, every second year after Year 2. This step in school fees reflects the further costs involved with the additional complexity and diversity of later years in the curriculum.


  1. The Schedule of Fees are set each year by the School Board as part of the annual budgetary process in late November each year.
  2. The School Fees cover the costs of tuition, sport, activities, excursions and any associated transport costs.
  3. Application and Enrolment Fees will not be treated as credit towards your School Fees.