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2018 is fast approaching and it was an exciting time today when we saw our students in the new school uniform for the first time. This included some of our students in year 2 and 3 as well as one of our new students who will join us in year 7 next year.

Meanwhile, we have welcomed Eleisha Smyth who has joined us as the Senior School Teaching and Learning Coordinator. Eleisha is seen here with our Principal, Ian Hewitt and one our first year 7 students.

Eleisha is beginning the designing of our cross curricular projects which will encourage our students not only to be citizens who make a positive impact on their community, but lifelong learners who dream big, stretch themselves, and see their potential as world changers.

As we prepare for our senior school, Eleisha is preparing a rich and invigorating program to ensure our students will be stretched in their knowledge and application of the curriculum. Projects will develop a sense of pride for the students as they create ‘beautiful work’ to share and inspire others. This could be in the form of a performance, a creation, an innovation, a development – creatively presenting what they are learning in authentic ways. Learning this way creates meaning beyond the school walls and empowers learners to achieve at the highest levels.