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Margaret Hansen

Margaret has made an outstanding contribution to the performing arts at The Anglican School Googong since the school commenced in January 2015. In particular, as the music teacher, she has created a program for all students across the school which has developed their individual musical literacy. Her music classes are ones where there is always a plethora of activities in which the students become musicians.

Margaret’s goal is to encourage and educate the students to be truly musically literate, enhancing their musicianship skills, including their ability to create new music and perform with musical sensitivity. This is demonstrated on a daily basis in her music classes and across the school when you listen to the students sing. This singing may be in class, at assembly or in Chapel and is always a delight to hear.

In addition to her music classes Margaret has conducted the school choir which commenced this year and was highly successful at the National Eisteddfod where they received a gold award for their performances and as we saw on Sunday evening when the students led our school community in singing Christmas carols.

Margaret’s technical ability as a teacher, pianist and vocal teacher is outstanding. It is this obvious passion and technical capacity that makes her a truly outstanding educator and one whom we are delighted to have lead our music education program.