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Ready, Steady, Go!

Our Junior School is the place where the youngest of our students begin their formal years of schooling.

We don’t try to predict what your child will become; we do try to understand who they are and guide them to discover all the potential they possess. Our job is to help them become a discerning learner, an explorer, an investigator, to interpret and problem solve.

In the Junior School, your child will develop the confidence and courage to create their own path. We believe in developing students who are resilient, resourceful, reflective and who demonstrate reciprocity to the world around them.

Fostering curiosity and student agency

The academic program of the Junior School is based upon a learning model that fosters curiosity and student agency.

We believe in the importance of creating rigorous learning and teaching experiences that are informed by research. Starting with a thorough understanding of student learning needs and interests, we set high expectations and standards, extend and develop student thinking and encourage critical reflection.

Active participants in their own learning journey

Our learning philosophy is based on the belief that children have an amazing capacity to be active participants in their own learning journeys. Children are born with a desire to learn and to make sense of the world around them. We believe that they learn best when they feel comfortable, know what is expected of them, experience the joy that success can bring and are able to express themselves in a warm, secure and nurturing environment.

The Primary Years – a unique and important stage

We embrace the child and the primary years of schooling as a unique and an important stage of life. Our approach incorporates educational philosophies and beliefs from around the world, recognising that individuals learn in different ways and valuing what each individual can contribute to a community of learners. Our teaching is informed by the philosophical approach and work of such people as Guy Claxton, Ron Ritchart and Jerome Bruner.

Core subjects and explicit teaching

Class teachers teach the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Units of Inquiry, which incorporate the learning areas of Geography, History, Health, Science and Technology and The Creative Arts.

Specialist teachers and subject areas

Junior School students have the benefit of working with specialist teachers and subject experts in the areas of Music, Physical Education, Christian Inquiry and Spanish.