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Learning Journeys

By February 25, 2016School Updates

On Wednesday morning we welcomed our parents into the school for the first of our ‘Learning Journeys’ for the year. This provided our parents with a wonderful opportunity to hear the story about their child’s learning.

As learners ourselves, we know that we are more motivated to learn when we are genuinely interested in or curious about the subject or when we have a problem we need to solve. Our students’ parents gained an insight into how we create learning environments that cultivate curiosity and grow all of our students as confident, capable and creative inquirers.

From the conversations that were taking place between parent and child it was a delight to hear the sense of wonder that has been nurtured in each of our students. To hear the vivid descriptions about why and how their learning had taken shape. To see the delight in a parent’s face about how quickly their child had launched themselves into all that is on offer in Kindergarten and how their child can detail why they are learning.

All of our students are obviously growing as thinkers, collaborators, self-managers, communicators and researchers as they inquire. It was a delight to have our parents hear and see their child’s learning journey after just a few weeks of the new school year. We look forward to the continuation of these journeys and will welcome our parents back in each of the remaining Terms this year to see the next part of their child’s learning journey as it unfolds.