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Volunteers and Visitors

We appreciate the support that many of our parents and members of the wider community provide in the education of the children. As a school we are committed to safeguarding and meeting the needs of the children.

No child should suffer harm, either at home or at school. Everyone who works in our school has a responsibility to make sure that all our children and young people are safe. As a volunteer at the School, you are expected to sign the volunteer declaration and you may be required to complete a Working with Children Check.

It is a requirement, also that you inform the Principal immediately is you become subject to any criminal investigation, caution or conviction. This helps to protect you as well as the young people in your care. If you are worried about the safety of any child or young person in our school, then you must report this to the Principal or the Board Chair.

Appropriate relationships with children should be based on mutual trust and respect. As a volunteer or regular visitor, you may well be working closely with children sometimes on a one-to-one basis. Children, especially when they are young are often spontaneously affectionate and tactile and it is important not to alienate them through lack of response or by appearing to reject this. Volunteers should, however be careful about touching pupils, and if working with a student on an individual basis, ensure that the door is left open or you are visible to others.

Guests in the school should not photograph pupils unless requested to by the class teacher, or exchange emails or text messages, or give out their own personal details. Any unprofessional contact with pupils (e.g. through a social networking site) leaves people vulnerable to an allegation of abuse being made.

To ensure the safety of all children in our care we require all those visiting the school to sign in at Reception upon arrival. This includes those who regularly assist with class activities. Once signed in visitors will be issued with a lanyard indicating that you are a volunteer or a visitor which must always be worn.

The ‘volunteer’ lanyard indicates that you have a current Working with Children Check. Once you have finished you are asked to sign out at Reception and return the lanyard

Working with Children Check and Declaration

The Child Protection (Working With Children) Act 2012 requires people who have contact with children while engaging in regulated activities and services to register with the Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP). The requirement means that such people need to hold a Working with Children (WWC) clearance which is to be provided to the school.

In order to assist within the educational elements of school life we require you to provide the school with your WWC clearance number as we maintain a register of all employees and volunteers. If you anticipate assisting in the areas listed below you will need to have your WWC clearance:

– Class parent
– Assisting in activities within the classroom
– Working with small groups of students such as reading groups
– Assisting with excursions and the swimming program
– Any other activity requiring close contact with students.

You can obtain the relevant information and apply online at:

As a volunteer there is no cost involved; it is a matter of completing and submitting the form. The school will maintain a record of all WWC clearances for those people who require a WWC check in both the school’s administrative database and the NSW Working with Children Register. Teachers will have access to the list of parents and volunteers who have registered.

Once you complete the relevant application and have received your WWC clearance number please provide this along with the completed Working With Children Declaration, located on the parent platform My.GoogongSchool to the School Reception in person along with photo ID.