As an Anglican school, and one developed in a completely ‘green fields’ township and growing community, maintaining a comprehensive and enduring partnership with our families and the wider community is naturally part of the School’s purpose and ethos. Families are the first, and primary carers of their child and have the key responsibility for their education. The engagement of our families in the learning and development of their children during their school years is central to our ethos. Recognising the importance of this primary role in a child’s education, the School encourages your collaborative participation in a variety of formal and informal ways. To facilitate the contribution of families and the wider community to the School, our primary formal mechanism for such engagement is through the P&C (Parents and Community). This includes:

  • formally acknowledging the role that families play in the education of their children
  • providing a forum for families and the community to meet regularly with the school
  • providing opportunities to engage with families and the community about school goals
  • promoting and supporting social contact among families
  • providing family and community perspectives to assist in decision-making by the School Board and the Principal
  • fostering effective partnerships between families, students, staff, the wider community, the Parish and the Diocese.

As a collaborative and consultative body, the P&C recognises the need to act with respect for:

  • the role and legal responsibility of the School Board concerning the overall governance and strategic direction of the School
  • the established protocols of the School and the Diocese
  • the responsibility of the Principal for making decisions relating to any activity using the school’s name and for operational and management issues such as staffing and financial management
  • providing a safe and supportive environment, discipline, and implementation of the curriculum.

For further information about the P&C, please see the information on the Compass parent platform or contact