The Anglican School Googong opened in 2015 with a Kindergarten and a combined Year 1/2 class comprising a total of 34 students. After an initial two-year settling period school’s strategic plan was renewed.

Over the coming five years, the school will face significant opportunities as it continues to grow. At the end of this period we will have students from kindergarten to year 10. As we embark on the next five years of growth and development we will be looking forward to the time when we will celebrate ten years of education at Googong.

In this five-year plan, six core areas are addressed that are central to the smooth operation and success of our school.

They are:

➤ Christian Values
➤ Our Learning
➤ Academic Care
➤ Community
➤ Governance
➤ Facilities

For more information please download a copy of the Strategic Plan HERE