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Yesterday we were pleased to open our doors for the first day of school; a first for both our students and for us! As with every first day of school for preschoolers and kindergarteners there were some tears (and not just from the students).

However, the buzz of excitement could be felt as students began to explore their new environment that was full of surprises, even for the parents many of whom had not yet seen the school.

When you walk into our school the first thing you’ll notice is the large open learning spaces, the purpose-built furniture, the easy flow between rooms and best of all the way the children are interacting with each other and their surroundings. These features will facilitate a new way of teaching that will change how students learn and interact with each other and teaching staff.

The classrooms are flexible, open, modern, practical and more importantly, a reflection of the real world. There are no desks in rows, chalkboards on walls or teachers standing in front of classes. The teachers play an active role as guides, mentors and experts working with the children. At The Anglican School Googong, the children discover for themselves and make meaning of the world around them every single day. This is what Googong Learning is all about!

Our first day was well attended by media as the day marked an important achievement for the Googong/Queanbeyan region as the first educational institution with a High School to open in 39 years.

We’d like to thank everyone for the ongoing support while we establish the school, especially those who were able to attend the ceremony on Wednesday.

We look forward to becoming a large part of the community and will always be welcoming of new enrolments. We are excited about our team of teachers growing and we are eager for the year ahead.