The Anglican School Googong is a new school located in the first neighbourhood of Googong – the new township being developed to the south of Queanbeyan. It is the first school in Googong and will eventually have 1100 students from ELC (Pre-School) to Year 12. It is a co-educational, open entry Diocesan school of the Anglican Diocese of Canberra Goulburn. We have classes from ELC (Pre-School) to Year 4 in 2017, Year 5 in 2018 and Year 6 in 2019. The Senior School (Years 7-12) will commence with Year 7 in 2018, rolling out a year at a time thereafter.

Googong learning is …

2016 Annual Report

Our Educational Community

The Anglican School at Googong is a caring Christian educational community of excellence where authentic learning is at the heart of the school – where students know how to learn and where personal effort and achievement is valued and celebrated. This will be a school where the students will:

  • Know and discover – to find and explore the wonder in the world around them
  • Understand and dream – to dare to make a difference for themselves, their community and their planet
  • Grow in faith – to use God’s gifts to be the best they can be.

A rich and invigorating learning environment for learners of all ages has been created. This is built on strong relationships between staff and students and is based upon a shared trust and love of learning. The school  has many design features that provides an exciting and attractive entity at the forefront of 21st century learning.

Early Learning Centre

The Early Learning Centre provides care from 7.30am – 6.00pm, Monday to Friday. This is provided through a before and after school program offered in conjunction with a Pre-School program. On school days, the Pre-School program runs from 9.00am-3.00pm and the before school care is offered from 7.30-9.00am with after school care offered from 3.00-6.00pm. There are two groups led by qualified and experienced Early Childhood Educators. These groups are a 3-4 year old group and a 4-5 year old group.

Junior School (Kindergarten to Year 6)

Students entering Kindergarten can do so after having been at the School’s ELC or directly having not attended our school before. In our Junior School we are planning for two classes at each year level with students learning in two separate classroom areas. One building will have Kindergarten to Year 3 students and the other the Years 4-6 students. Each will have a shared space which all classes will have access to and will provide them with an extension of their own classroom for their learning activities.

Senior School (Years 7-12)

The Senior School will commence with Year 7 in 2018 and then be rolled out a year level at a time with the first Year 12 cohort graduating in 2023. Students entering Year 7 can do so after having attended the Senior School or directly having not attended our school before. In the Senior School there will be four classes at each year level with students learning in a wide range of purpose built facilities.