Welcome to The Anglican School Googong. Our hope is that you will gain an insight into our unique learning environment through our website, and we invite you to come and visit us in person, to experience first-hand the learning experience in our school.

The Anglican School Googong is located in the first neighbourhood of Googong – the new township being developed to the south of Queanbeyan.

It is the first school in Googong and will eventually have over 1000 students enrolled.  It is co-educational, open entry and a Diocesan school of the Anglican Dioceses of Canberra Goulburn. We have classes from ELC (Pre-school) to Year 5 and Year 7. In 2019 we will have a full complement of year groups in Junior School and will have grown to Year 8, continuing to roll out a year at a time thereafter.

The unique physical and educational design of the school positions authentic learning at its heart. Students learn how to learn and their personal effort and achievement is valued and celebrated. The Anglican School Googong is a Christian educational community where children discover, dream and grow.

We have a rich and invigorating learning environment for learners of all ages with the latest in learning technologies and state-of-the-art facilities preparing your child for their place as tomorrow’s global citizens.

I am proud of our students and staff and I invite you to come and meet us.

Merryn Clarksmith


InkedMerryn Photo_LIAbout the Principal

Merryn Clarksmith commenced at the school in January 2018. She brings with her a wealth of experience from a range of Anglican schools in NSW.

In her many roles, Merryn has had a keen focus on pastoral care and student wellbeing, supporting students to ensure their optimum engagement in both their learning and life. Her particular passion for teaching student leadership and service has seen the development of many successful programs in several schools. As an extension to the work she was undertaking in her own school, in 2010 Merryn established a pastoral care network for educational leaders across NSW within the HICES group. In more recent years, Merryn has been focused on promoting the learning power framework which helps students develop specific dispositions so that they can be confident in negotiating a somewhat unknown future as well as managing life’s many challenges, alongside their academic achievements.

Merryn is a graduate of Macquarie University from which she has a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma in Education (English/Drama). She says that the very core of education has to be the dynamic of the classroom, and this is a place where Merryn loves to be – a place where she can connect with students, where she can see them learn, question, discover, probe, wrestle with a concept to its full realisation, triumph and develop a passion for life-long learning. Merryn also has a Master of Educational Leadership from the University of New South Wales, through which she was able to really hone her passion for supporting teachers in the development of their classroom practice, as well as negotiate the new accreditation processes. She knows that leadership is ultimately about influence and places value on building strong teams. Merryn prioritises staff wellbeing and feels very privileged to continue leading, nurturing and encouraging the staff at Googong as the school continues its rapid growth phase. She recognises the privileged role of being an educator, with the daily opportunity to share God’s love with students, staff and parents, and seeks to embed the message of Christ’s redemption in her every day practice.