The Anglican School Googong is the first school in Googong and will eventually have 900 students from ELC (Pre-School) to Year 12. The school is co-educational, open entry and part of the Anglican Diocese of Canberra Goulburn.

Our Educational Community

The Anglican School Googong is a caring Christian educational community where emphasis is placed on learning, effort and achievement. Our students are encouraged to discover, dream and grow through inquiry-based learning and collaboration. The flexible learning spaces and unique educational design promote authentic and lifelong learning, preparing our students for their future beyond Googong. We invite interested families to come and visit the school to experience first-hand the education on offer.

At the Anglican School Googong students:

  • Know and discover – to find and explore the wonder in the world around them
  • Understand and dream – to dare to make a difference for themselves, their community and their planet
  • Grow in faith – to use God’s gifts to be the best they can be.