School Hours

The playground opens each morning at 8:00am. The school day is 8:30am –3:20pm (K- Yr 2 3.00pm) . Students are supervised in the afternoon as they leave the school grounds through various means of collection and at the bus stop until the last bus departs.

Term Dates

The school follows the NSW Independent School term dates.

Term dates are published in Semester One for the following year and are available for parents on the Compass Portal/ School Documentation/Admin Information.

*Note – In 2023, the following applies for the return to school in Term 1 – Friday 27 January (Kindergarten, Year 7, Year 11 and Year 12), Monday 30 January (Whole School).

Kindergarten students attend from 9am-1pm for the initial period of Friday 27.01.23 to Friday 03.02.2023 and revert to normal school hours from Monday 6 February 2023.

2023 Commences Concludes
Term One 27 January* 6 April
Term Two 24 April 23 June
Term Three 17 July 22 September
Term Four 9 October  6 December
2024 Commences Concludes
Term One 30 January 12 April
Term Two 29 April 28 June
Term Three 22 July 27 September
Term Four 14 October 13 December