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In Senior School, our sights are set clearly on preparing our students for an ever-changing, dynamic future. Our vision is to prepare our students by equipping them with the capacity to be leaders and contributors of their generation.

With an emphasis on fostering lifelong learning, our teachers’ coach and mentor, students in order to provide authentic, experiential learning where they need to create and innovate in a globally relevant school.

Project-Based Learning

Our approach across Senior School is to map curriculum competencies and skills, integrating the learning across the curriculum. Student engage in a project-based learning approach. This dynamic methodology provides students with the opportunity to explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire a deeper knowledge, by exploring content in context. Our desire is for learning to be purposefu and authentic and be assessed, manipulated and applied to real world problems.

In Project-Based Learning, students take the knowledge they have learnt and use this to become problem solvers, creative thinkers and world changers.
Students work through projects in the quest for ‘beautiful work’. By drafting, refining, reviewing and redrafting, students seek to prepare work of an exceptional standard, demonstrating creativity, problem solving and innovation.

Future-Focused Learning

With continual technological advances, the school’s current cloud-based wireless technology will continue to drive digital initiatives. This will enable students to learn in real time and interact with the latest technology integral to their learning, including access to view and create on digital platforms.

The flexibility of learning-space design and site development is geared towards empowering learners. As the students develop a sense of meaning about and for themselves, they begin to understand how they learn and through this they become more confident learners. Through wide reading, purposeful play, self-discovery, inquiry-based learning, collaboration, project-based learning and the ease of working alongside teachers within the spaces we are creating, we are fostering a sense of purpose in learning. Discovery, collaboration and guided inquiry are all aspects of learning which are integrated and relevant in this future-focused learning campus.

The environment and design of the site and buildings at TASG provides a place for future generations of students to discover, dream and grow as learners.