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Saturday saw the sun shining on what was an amazing day for 10 of our year 3 and 4 students as we headed up to our ‘backyard’ in the Snowy Mountains. After an early departure from Googong, we set out from Guthega for our snowshoe expedition. For most of these students this was their first time on snowshoes so what a treat they had with a blue-sky day on some great snow.

This trip is part of the school’s outdoor education program and helps our students learn a wide range of new skills, work as part of a team and push themselves beyond their usual experiences.

Over the course of the day the students learnt many new skills and had a wonderful time experiencing the snow from a different perspective. After an initial walk along the trail to Guthega Dam where we learnt a few snowshoeing techniques we headed ‘off track’ towards the Rolling Grounds.

We walked to an area which had a deep stash of snow and learnt some snow craft skills from Mr Hewitt. Here we learnt how to: cut blocks of snow to build snow walls to protect us from the wind; make furniture in the snow so we could sit on a snow seat; and we even got to build a small snow cave which was amazingly warm and quiet.

The snow walls that we built came in very handy to hide behind during the snowball fight as well! Thanks to all of the parents who helped make this day possible. We all had an amazing day and certainly hope we can get out to do this again.