Student Wellbeing

Student wellbeing and pastoral care at The Anglican School Googong is founded on the principles of grace, mercy, justice, kindness and humility, and through this the ultimate goal is the full restoration of relationships. The active support of all members of the School community including students, families and staff is required to support the wellbeing of our students.

As a part of the TASG community, students are expected to be kind and respectful to all, and engage with others with grace and humility.

Our pastoral aim is to foster a community where:

  • Students will explore their gifts and talents and find areas in which they can excel
  • Relationships are based on love, acceptance and servant leadership
  • Student behaviour is appropriate and consistent, and where consequences are just, progressive and predictable
  • Opportunity for the development of student leadership is promoted
  • Staff model positive relationships and interactions with all
  • Students lead, mentor, support and partner with other students
  • Parents work in partnership with the school