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TASG Philosophy

By November 21, 2013January 8th, 2015School Updates


The new school will be a welcoming and inviting place where all students, teachers and the community will feel safe and at ease. The school will contain modern facilities that meet the diverse needs and individual learning styles of students well into the future.

Specifically the school will provide a rich and stimulating physical learning environment in which learners engage and learning flourishes.

  • Learning spaces that provide flexibility, visibility and allow for a variety of learning styles and organisational structures.
  • Spaces designed to enable students to withdraw for independent study; to work in partnership with another; form a small group; gather together as a large group and/or assemble with all members of their year.
  • Students and staff feel secure and have a sense of wellbeing in their physical learning environments.
  • A strong relationship between internal and external environments.
  • Student amenities located in close proximity to the main learning areas.
  • The physical learning environment furnished and fitted out in a manner consistent with students’ developmental stages.
  • Environmentally conscious incorporating natural light and a high standard of environmental control.
  • The buildings will be easily maintained and respected by staff and students.