Upon entering our School, the large open learning spaces and how they are used is immediately evident. This is teamed with easy flow between rooms, flexible furniture and, best of all, the way the students interact with each other and their surroundings.

In the great learning environment debate, future focused schools contend that they should be built for the purpose of ‘learning’ rather than ‘teaching’.
This has been the focus of the School’s educational vision and site master plan since its inception. Our overriding theme is flexibility, light and space, to allow for all kinds of learning dynamics.

The learning spaces are geared towards learning, with classrooms and wider break-out spaces being intentionally student-centered in their design. The spaces are for flexible learning and collaboration, where students have the space to spread out and be absorbed in their inquiry.

The spaces are flexible, open, modern, practical and more importantly a reflection of the real world. Desks are not positioned in rows and sliding classroom walls allow learning spaces to be easily transformed into breakout collaborative spaces, larger general learning areas and seminar-type venues to accommodate many different learning styles.

The teachers play an active role in student learning, working alongside students acting as guides, mentors and experts and can easily move about the space to provide guidance, encouragement and small group tutoring.

Furniture within buildings is largely portable and is readily moved about to support varied learning activities.

Furniture can also be manipulated into caves and corners, collaboration zones, platforms or stages to emulate the learning that is occurring. The students, with the guidance of their teachers, redesign their classrooms on a daily basis to suit the work they are undertaking.

The outdoor learning environment complements this with areas where students can create, watch or participate in hands-on activities. Students make use of the space outside their technology room to tinker and experiment with creations and designs.

At TASG our students are encouraged to inquire, wonder and discover for themselves as they develop meaning in their learning and the world around them. As our School grows and continues to develop, our focus is on an integrated physical and pedagogical environment that provides space, light and flexibility, thus positioning the learning environment at the forefront of 21st century learning.