Adherence to a uniform code enables all students to participate in our School community equitably and provides each student with the opportunity to develop their character through their actions and attitudes, removing the pressure for students to project an image that is often influenced by clothing retailers, the media and the fashion of the day.

A uniform ensures that our focus is on developing the real essence of character, not just an image. It eliminates the superficial aspects of growing up, particularly image issues, and allows our focus to be on developing the core of the person. Our school uniform is smart and seeks to unite our students as part of something more than themselves and highlights our identity within the broader community. A uniform is a distinctive and visible symbol and therefore one of the most obvious ways our school is perceived by the community. Wearing a uniform makes a student included, safer and easier to identify. The consistent wearing of a clean, well-presented uniform creates a positive impression of the school and increases a sense of school identity, belonging and self-efficacy.

Correct school uniform must be worn from the moment the student leaves their front door until the moment that they arrive home. It is an expectation of enrolment in the School that students will present themselves neatly each school day wearing a clean and well-presented uniform, complying with the School’s uniform standards. Parents and students are expected to support and uphold the uniform standards. Students who wear items not in adherence with uniform expectations can expect to be asked to correct the issue.


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