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We are pleased to announce the appointment of Portia Bellew as our latest addition to our teaching team at The Anglican School Googong. Portia has a range of experience having taught Kindergarten, Year 2, Year 4 and Year 5.

Portia brings with her a passion to create a collaborative, authentic and inquiry –based learning environment where students are nurtured with strong, supportive relationships. She is looking forward to guiding her students as they develop academically, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually.

She is looking forward to providing learning opportunities that go beyond the traditional classroom and sharing her love of learning with our community.

Portia also has a wealth of experience beyond the traditional classroom having been a volunteer in a variety of locations both in Australia and overseas. She has taught in a remote school in Vanuatu where she taught and assisted local teachers and the community learn about ‘best practice’ in education and assisted with the creation of teaching resources for use in the classroom.

Portia has spent time in Morocco supporting students and teachers in class as well creating activities to assist in the teaching of English. Closer to home she led a small group of students on a pilgrimage to Uluru to assist these students understand more about our indigenous culture through an immersion program.

We look forward to seeing Portia instil in her students a desire to learn as we create a reputation for excellence in a growing community at Googong.