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We are pleased to announce the appointment of Rachel Howden as the newest addition to our teaching team at The Anglican School Googong. Rachel has a range of experience both locally and overseas having taught in Early Childhood, Upper Primary and Enrichment areas across a number of schools. She has been a Head of Department and has also been involved in the creation of an Early Childhood School.

Rachel is passionate about education and sees her role as a teacher to inspire children with a desire to learn. She believes in creating learning experiences that make use of a variety of learning spaces that can be both in and out of the classroom. Rachel sees the school as more than the four walls of a classroom. It is a community of learners and families and a launching pad from which students will enter the world beyond their schooling.

She is excited about the opportunities that are taking shape at The Anglican School Googong. Rachel is looking forward to helping create an innovative place of learning where we equip our students with the necessary aptitudes, outlooks, attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary for them to take their part as global citizens.

Rachel is committed to building Christian community. She sees this as pivotal to creating a community where students experience the fulfilment achieved in serving others so that they will dare to dream about making a difference in their world.