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The Year 2 students had their overnight camp last night and the fun has continued well into today.

The students took off on bikes and scooters yesterday afternoon, beginning their camp with a ride around Googong. The students pedalled up the hill and explored a whole bunch of new roads and ovals where new residencies are going to start being built in Googong.

All that riding got the students pretty hot, so it was time to cool down with an ice cream at Yellow Belly Café – thanks, John! With a bike ride and an ice cream stop already underway, it appeared that Year 2 camp was off to a fantastic start!

After their ice cream, the students head back to school as it was getting close to dinnertime. Thankfully, with some prior planning, the students had spent some time before their bike ride preparing homemade pizzas, so all they had to do was put them in the oven to cook.

The students had fun playing in the ELC while waiting for dinner, then everyone came together and enjoyed their very own homemade pizzas in the teacher’s staffroom.

After dinner, it was time to set up camp. Unfortunately, due to the rain, the camping ground was moved inside, but that didn’t stop the students from having fun building barricades out of furniture around the tents to ensure everyone was kept safe throughout the night.

It was an early start this morning with a buzz of excitement in the air… Now, all the fun really started! Today was the day that the Year 2 students were building their trebuchets and battling it out with water bombs on the oval against Year 1.

Using poles and ropes the students built their trebuchets and ensured the square lashings were tight. Lots of teamwork and tremendous effort was involved but it certainly paid off when they managed to throw the water bombs the full length of the school oval and hit their target!

The students learnt some great new skills during their camp; they exercised some creativity and worked as a team but most importantly; they had a wonderful time!