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As part of what will become our Kindergarten to Year 12 outdoor education program, our Year 3 Camp took place in Jindabyne this week. The camp provided our students with a broad range of learning experiences which stimulated and motivated them while complementing what we do at school.

Students took part in fun group challenges and activities that promoted key learning through:

  • Relationships – developing skills in communication, problem solving, cooperation, negotiation, respect and care
  • Outdoors – nurturing an appreciation of the natural environment and sustainability
  • Action – reinforcing the importance of physical activity for wellbeing
  • Resilience – collaborating, negotiating and reflecting on difficult challenges to build courage and strength.

Over our 3 day camp we: blasted water rockets; rode slider trikes; learnt some great circus skills; were challenged with some initiative activities; aimed for a bullseye at archery; created our own lunch at our cook out; went rock climbing and slack lining and finished with the flying fox.